Aiden’s 8th Birthday: A HamilParty

Flashback to last June before this page existed: I wanted to share one of my favorite things to plan – birthday parties! Our son Aiden turned 8 last year and he is a 100% #hamilkid, so naturally Hamilton would be his 8th birthday party theme! We rented a local activity center space and I got to work on planning all the fun!

Aiden and family ready for the party!

Invitations went out in black envelopes with custom seal stickers!

The party place was decorated in gold & black Hamilton finery. A playlist of Hamilton music played throughout the party. The party eats were appropriately named with Hamilton-related puns!

The party started with coloring scenes from Hamilton while enjoying the refreshments. Next the kids played Musical Colonies (a variation on musical chairs) and the winner won a tricorn hat. After that, the kids took turns attempting to Pin the Crown on King George III, and the winner won their very own royal crown. Our final activity was to head outside for a water pistol duel!

After cutting the cake, party attendees took home Playbill decorated bags with custom decorated Hamilton cookies!

It was a great party! Credit below to the following vendors:

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