April Theatre Recap

April 2019 was a busy month for theatre-related experiences! It was also Dallas Arts Month, so I feel like I celebrated appropriately by attending four theatre performances and hosting a theatre-related event. Let’s review how the month went.

On April 5th, I took our son, Aiden, to see Hamilton for his first time. The Philip Company opened in Dallas on April 2nd and these tickets were part of our Dallas Summer Musicals subscription package. My friends Lynette and Ashley also had tickets for that night, so I got to catch up with them at intermission. Being that it was a Friday night after a long week at school, I was afraid he’d fall asleep, but he was riveted. He loved the show so much and everyone at the stage door was so kind to him. Jon Patrick Walker (King George III) even joked with him about sneaking inside and stowing away to watch the show again the next day. He’s already talking about wanting to see it again!

If you didn’t already know, I’m on the admin team for Hamiltunes Dallas, the officially licensed Hamilton sing-along. On April 19th, we hosted a sing-along at the Dallas Museum of Art in partnership with the Dallas Summer Musicals Associate Producers as part of their Hamilton-era themed Late Nights event. We had about 500 people turn up to the event (a record for us) and it was a total blast. If you haven’t watched my YouTube video about starting and running you own Hamiltunes events, be sure you check it out.

On a whim, my friend Lynette and I bought tickets to see Hamilton in Dallas again for April 27th. We found some single premium seats that dropped in price about a week prior and went for it. We were much closer than last time and there were a few different actors on that day too. Seeing different people in the roles is one of my favorite things about seeing a show over and over! We got to meet so many people at the stage door and they were all super kind! I brought Strong Female Lead buttons from An Actor Plans to give to each of the actresses on for the Schuyler Sisters and they were so appreciative.

On April 28th, I went to Texas Wesleyan University’s production of Avenue Q. Two former students from my teaching days are in the theatre program there, and I always love to see their shows. I had never seen Avenue Q, but I knew some of the songs. It was so funny and the acting, sets, puppets (well -everything) was all very well-done. I’m so proud of Kim and Jasmine! And I’m forever grateful to Jasmine for being part the group of my 1st period AP Government class that introduced me to Hamilton.

Back when the Hamilton Dallas tickets went on sale, I bought a spare set of tickets to take my mom for April 30th. Storms were predicted but we headed to Dallas anyway, waiting to enter the theatre even as my son & husband were hiding in our tornado closet during a tornado warning at home (everyone/everything is fine, by the way). It was her first time seeing Hamilton and she really enjoyed it. Through a special arrangement from a Hamiltunes fan, we met up with Elijah Malcomb (John Laurens/Philip Hamilton) after the show for a tour of the stage and backstage area. Elijah is the nicest guy and he showed us things I haven’t seen before, even having been on the stage in Chicago and New York. It was a great night to finish out the month of April!

April was a great month for theatre, bringing my Hamilton viewing count to eight and giving me the opportunity to see Avenue Q for the first time. There’s a lot of theatre planned for May too! Follow along on Instagram to live it in the moment with me, or come back here next month and we’ll rewind through May together.

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