May Theatre Recap

May 2019 was another theatre-filled month! With the end of the school year, it’s often hard to fit in so much entertainment, but I managed to do it anyway. Let’s review how the month went.

On May 2nd, the high school where I work performed an encore of their State Championship-winning One Act Play, Euripides’ Medea. It’s a gut-punch of a story and I am so proud of everyone who was involved in the production (but I’m especially proud of my students who took part). I’d sadly missed all the performances before this one, but I am so thrilled that I was finally able to see their award-winning show.

On May 16th, Aiden’s theatre program did their annual play performance. This year’s show was Big Mystery Under the Bip Top and Aiden was cast as Boppy the Clown. Boppy, half of a fun-loving clown duo, teams up with his partner Bippy to help solve the mystery of who is sabotaging the circus. Aiden did a great job with his expression and acting! And of course, he was thrilled to receive his end of the year trophy.

Our May show in our Broadway subscription with Dallas Summer Musicals was Miss Saigon, so Jonathan and I went on May 17th. I’d never seen the show before and didn’t know much about it, but I liked it more than I anticipated. It’s pretty gut-wrenching to experience as a mom. Fair warning: the sexual nature of this version of the show is VERY heightened over previous versions. It’s not for kids, or anyone who is squeamish about scantily-clad women dancing provocatively or simulated sex acts. I think it definitely adds something to depicting the reality of the situation, but I certainly wasn’t expecting it. Emily Bautista is incredible as Kim, and we were fortunate enough to see her last year on the Les Miserables tour as well. If it comes to a touring venue near you, give it a chance.

On May 18th, it was back to my school for their spring musical production of Mamma Mia. I love having the chance to see my students on stage and I had several in this show. As usual, our theatre department puts on a great show. Aiden is a fan of the Mamma Mia movie, so he really loved seeing it in person. I really love how inclusive our musical productions are; the directors always find a way to use a large ensemble to include any student who wants to participate. I can’t wait to see what next year’s show line up will be!

To top of a weekend of great performances, Lynette and I went to the Ben Platt concert on May 19th. Okay, okay – so it’s technically not theatre. But it’s freaking BEN PLATT. He has a Tony Award, so close enough right? Ben’s new album, “Sing to Me Instead” is beautiful and his live performance is perfection. He’s funny, sweet, goofy, and sincere whilst singing through most (maybe all? I don’t remember) of the new album. I highly recommend that you download/purchase/stream the album and if the tour comes near you, get tickets!

Finally, Aiden attended a theatre camp at another local high school and they had a parent performance on May 31st. He did such a good job keeping up with the songs and choreography! I always love to watch him perform.

May was a whirlwind of theatre and other busy events. There’s a lot of theatre experiences planned for June and I can’t wait to recap it all with you next month!

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