June Theatre Recap

June brought some excellent theatre opportunities! Let’s rewind through them together.

On June 7th, Jonathan and I went to see the national tour of Disney’s Aladdin. We are members of the Dallas Summer Musicals Associate Producers group, and this particular night was Associate Producers night during the run of Aladdin, meaning we had a meetup before the show and were invited to stay for the cast party after the show. The show itself is very high-energy and entertaining! I heard complaints about the monkey and tiger characters being absent in the stage show, but since they are non-speaking characters, it doesn’t bother me that they were missing. Everyone onstage was incredibly talented and very kind in person at the party as well. It was a great night!

We also had tickets to Aladdin on June 15th as part of our subscription package. I was supposed to take Aiden, but I was violently ill that weekend, so Jonathan took him instead. Aiden chose a Genie teddy bear from the merch stand, of course. He really loved the show as well!

The next week we all traveled to Chicago (which I’m sure you read about in my Chicago Trip Recap post) and saw two shows. On June 18th we saw Six the Musical at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. This incredible 80-minute one act show started out in the UK and Chicago is the North American debut! The show is staged sort of like a pop concert, with each of the six wives of Henry VIII represented and telling their stories in an updated way from a female perspective. I have been obsessed with the UK studio cast recording for a little while now, but there was nothing like seeing the show in person. I was unexpectedly crying during the opening number (which is not at all sad, btw). I think it just hit me that women in history are often framed by men and their stories were recorded by men, and here are the lives of these six women being told in an empowering way by women. I can’t get the songs out of my head and I am just dying to see it again. Aiden enjoyed it too! He asks to listen to it all the time. Catch it through August 4 in Chicago, or this fall in Boston. It’s also still running in the West End of London and touring the UK as well.

And of course, we went to see Hamilton while in Chicago as well. June 19th marked my 4th time to see the show in Chicago (it was Jonathan’s 2nd and Aiden’s 1st). I love this cast so much and have seen it evolve so much over the last two years, but it remains my favorite group that feels like home. Miguel Cervantes, who plays Alexander Hamilton, has become a friend over the years as he and his family have worked with us at Hamiltunes Dallas to raise money for CURE (please donate if you are led to do so). He was generous enough to help us get some great seats for Aiden’s birthday and he brought us up onstage after the show. Aiden was just glowing the whole night. In Dallas our seats were much farther away and it was really cool to be close and see the actors’ expressions so clearly or have them look you right in the eye. You do miss the lighting effects on the stage when you’re that close, so I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s the only time you’ll ever see Hamilton – but it’s a fun vantage point for a subsequent viewing. Thanks again to Miguel for his kindness and time!

Our last theatre experience in June was at the movie theatre! Fathom Events hosted a filmed live from the West End version of Kinky Boots on two dates in June. On June 25th, we went to the nearest theatre showing it (which was 40 minutes away). I missed the Kinky Boots tour when it came to Dallas a couple of years ago and it’s already closed on Broadway, so this is probably the only way I’ll ever see a professional version of this show. It’s so fun and Aiden enjoyed it as well. I just saw it announced that it will be streaming exclusively on the Broadway HD service, so if you missed it at the movie theatre, you can watch it at home now!

is this the movie version of a playbill pic?

June was another great theatre month! July should be much tamer by comparison but I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Tell you about it soon!

3 thoughts on “June Theatre Recap

  1. Aladdin is one of the last two musicals I am trying to get to in 2019. Aladdin is reaching Charlotte in September, the final musical of Blumenthal’s 2018-2019 season.


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