PlanCamp 2019 Highlights

At the end of June, I flew to Orlando to attend this year’s PlanCamp – a plan and play retreat. I’ve attended a variety of planner conferences and workshops, but this is something different and something special. PlanCamp is a small, intimate, all-inclusive event held annually. This year there were 44 attendees and we stayed in two giant houses at the Encore Resort at Reunion. I mean GIANT. Like we were two campers to a bedroom and each set of roommates had a private bathroom to share. PlanCamp gives attendees time ACTUALLY PLAN as well as play in many ways as we got to spend time with friends old and new. The best part is that the fee is truly all-inclusive; the only additional expenses are transportation to the event site (it’s not always in Orlando – the location changes each year!) and any personal shopping you might want to do. Lodging, food, drinks, and activities are all included. Here are a few favorite pictures:

I could write forever about how amazing this event is, but I decided it was best to savor the memories in a YouTube video! Check out my full recap of this amazing 4 days of fun in the sun with planner friends:

If you’ve never heard of or attended PlanCamp, definitely get this event on your radar! I hope to see you there next year!

PlanCamp Website:
PlanCamp Facebook:
PlanCamp Instagram:

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