July Theatre Recap

July was a fairly brief month in terms of theatre attendance. I went back to work mid-month, so there wasn’t so much time for play. Still I managed to fit in 2 shows in July somehow!

For some backstory, I bought a ticket to Broadway’s Be More Chill for January 2020 during my trip for BroadwayCon. Unfortunately, Be More Chill is now closing August 11 and my ticket was refunded. Soon after the closing announcement, I learned that a local community theatre was doing the pre-Broadway version of Be More Chill. On July 14, I went to North Texas Performing Arts – Plano to check it out. This theatre company is specifically for those under 18, so all the roles were played by high school students. Because it was a community theatre rather than a school-sponsored theatre, the salty language and typical teenage topics related to sex, drugs, and alcohol didn’t have to be censored. The kids did a great job with the show and I was really impressed by their performance. I’m glad that I got the chance to see Be More Chill in any format, even if it wasn’t the Broadway version.

On July 19th, we went to the next touring show in our Dallas Summer Musicals subscription – Hello, Dolly! I’ve never seen this show (other than clips of the movie version from the WALL-E movie), but now that I have, I know why it’s a beloved favorite of many. It’s definitely an old-fashioned Broadway musical in style, but with plenty of engaging comedy. The dance numbers were beautifully staged as well. Dallas-Fort Worth Native Betty Buckley starred as Dolly Gallagher Levi and she was incredible! I heard story after story of people who knew her through one relative or another since she’s a local gal. I wanted to stage door this one (even though I’d heard Betty was not making it out due to her large number of guests every night) but we had to pick up Aiden from my mom’s after the show, so we didn’t stay. I really enjoyed this show and I recommend seeing it if it comes near you!

That’s it for July’s theatre adventures! Come back next month for what I’ll be seeing in August!

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