February Show Recap

February’s theatre attendance was NOTHING like January’s, but I still took in several performances. Let’s take a look back!

The month kicked off with theatre right on February 1st. Our school district’s annual Elementary Theatre Showcase performance was held, with Aiden’s drama club showing a preview of a bit of their spring show, 101 Dalmations (Kids). Aiden had a few lines as the Chihuahua narrator, and they did a couple of musical numbers. The kids did a great job and I can’t wait to see the full show in April!

Our February subscription show with Dallas Summer Musicals was The Band’s Visit. We actually had tickets on our normal Friday subscription night, but it happened to fall on February 7, my birthday. The show is a one-act and is a very different show than I usually watch in that it’s subtle and quiet. It had many more moments of comedy than I anticipated, but plenty of touching moments as well. I enjoyed it, but it’s not something I need to see repeatedly. I would see it again if it was in a subscription or I won a lottery seat, but I wouldn’t seek it out. But I know people who consider it their favorite show, so there’s something for everyone! It’s definitely worth seeing for yourself.

The last show I saw in February was Repertory Company Theatre’s production of The Bridges of Madison County. My friend Gayla was cast in the show as Marge and I wanted to go support her. The show was lovely (I never saw the movie or read the book, so I had no clue what it was going in). It’s funny and heartbreaking, accompanied by the gorgeous and complicated music of Jason Robert Brown. I’m glad I never encountered the story in any other format; I have a feeling the musical version would be my favorite.

That’s it for February! March will be sort of light on shows too, unless something unexpected happens. Come back next month and we can relive those shows together!

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