Black Lives Matter

Usually by now I would have written a recap of the virtual theatre experiences I had in May, but every time I thought about writing that out it felt super hollow. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a bit, you’ll notice that I’ve always spoken up to point out injustices and societal biases as they happen. Now that our country’s racism has reached a boiling point, the past week of my content has been sharply focused on sharing black voices and anti-racism action items.

I decided I could not go on blogging about theatre and planners as usual because I wanted to state my sincere belief in and support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and that does not allow us to “go back to normal”. Normal was toxic, hateful, oppressive, white-washing, gas-lighting, and murderous – and I cannot contribute to the normalization of those actions. Instead of my normal, I am taking this opportunity to share resources, action items, petition links, etc.

Places to Start:

Black Lives Matter National Resource List

Anti-Racism Action Items

We See You, White American Theatre – Movement & Petition

I’m working on creating a highlight on my Instagram of black-owned planner shops, so look for that soon! I don’t know if I’ll post my May recap later this month or just skip it, but for right now I’m just not feeling it. We’ve all got a lot of work to do to dismantle systemic racism within ourselves and our country. Let’s get to it!

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