Event Recap: NYC Planner Addicts Virtual Expo

I was meant to travel to NYC in July. I had tickets to Hamilton, and Six, and the NYC Planner Addicts Expo. Hamilton and Six were refunded as the Broadway shutdown amid this global pandemic rages on, and the planner event was rescheduled for July 2020. The organizers wanted to give us something to do to connect as planners this summer, so they planned a virtual one day event for ticket holders at no additional cost. I was super impressed!

We were able to submit photos ahead of time to allow Draw My Party to create caricature drawings of us. Here’s mine:

The sessions were held in a private Facebook group for ticket holders. We took lettering classes and watercolor classes from Miranda of Desert in Bloom Co. My lettering is still not great but I feel like Miranda did a great job of not rushing through instructions of the strokes and I understand it a lot better (I just need practice). The watercolor class came easier to me and I really enjoyed it! We heard panels from shop owners, had a session on self-care, and even closed the night with a DJ’d dance party.

What I found especially helpful were the vendor spotlights! Shop owners each got a few minutes scattered throughout the day to share products from their shop. I honestly spent more than I normally would with the vendors because the spotlights helped me see what they were offering and how to use it! I usually don’t like to approach busy vendor tables where I have to elbow my way in, so I thought this was a perfect alternative. I also won a couple of the giveaways sprinkled throughout the event so I have a lot of happy mail coming.

Honestly, pandemic or not, I hope this event can be the start of more virtual planner events. There’s less expense for the hosts which translates to less cost for the attendees. It also makes events more accessible to those with disabilities, those without childcare, and those are not local. Not to say that there should never be in person events (I absolutely love those and will return when it is safe), but more options is always better!

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