2020 Theatre Recap

So, umm…hi? As the few of you who regularly come here have probably noticed, summer came and my blog mostly went away. Since I was using it to recap theatre and travel – and theatre became largely non-existent (at least in the live sense) while travel has not been the best idea in a pandemic – I lacked the motivation to write. Pretty much once I went back to working on campus at a public school where students were attending against prevailing science, I couldn’t keep up with one more thing and something had to go! While I can’t turn back time and make up for lost opportunities to share, I can do one thing. Today I am sharing a full look back at my 2020 theatre experiences, live and virtual.

Normally I only count live, in person theatre on my show list of the year and through February, that was still true for 2020. After February I allowed counting a virtual viewing if it was a totally virtual production or it was filmed live on a stage/soundstage or it required a ticket purchase to view. Movie musicals (such as The Prom) did not count and only the first viewing in 2020 could count. Here’s my 2020 show list, with links included:

The year’s shows documented in my traveler’s notebook insert using stickers from An Actor Plans

1/2020 – Freestyle Love Supreme (Broadway)
1/2020 – Mean Girls (National Tour)
1/2020 – Hamilton (Chicago Company – Closing Show)
1/2020 – Hadestown (Broadway)
1/2020 – Jagged Little Pill (Broadway)
1/2020 – Moulin Rouge (Broadway)
1/2020 – Beetlejuice (Broadway)
1/2020 – Hamilton (Broadway)
1/2020 – Emojiland (Off Broadway)
2/2020 – Selected scenes from 101 Dalmatians [Kids] (District Elementary Theatre Showcase)
2/2020 – The Band’s Visit (National Tour)
2/2020 – The Bridges of Madison County (Repertory Company Theatre)
4/2020 – Newsies (Filmed Live on Stage, Streamed via Disney+)
5/2020 – Puffs (Filmed Live Off Broadway, Streamed via BroadwayHD)
5/2020 – Fun Home (Victory Gardens Theater, Streaming via Vimeo Event)
5/2020 – Bandstand (Filmed Live on Broadway, Streamed via Broadway On Demand)
6/2020 – Memphis (Filmed Live at the Hollywood Pantages, Streamed via BroadwayHD)
6/2020 – Scenes from Harry Potter (Oh Look Performing Arts Summer Camp)
6/2020 – Falsettos (Filmed Live at Lincoln Center, Streamed via BroadwayHD)
7/2020 – Hamilton (Filmed Live on Broadway, Streamed via Disney+)
7/2020 – Improv Scenes (Oh Look Performing Arts Summer Camp)
7/2020 – Shrek the Musical (Filmed Live on Broadway, Streamed via Netflix)
7/2020 – Legally Blonde (Filmed Live on Broadway, Streamed via YouTube)
8/2020 – Southern Baptist Sissies (Filmed Live on Stage in LA, Streamed via BroadwayHD)
8/2020 – A Killer Party, Season 1 (Virtual Musical, Streamed via Vimeo)
8/2020 – Jekyll and Hide (Filmed Live at the Old Vic, Streamed via YouTube)
8/2020 – Performance Class Monologues (Dallas Theater Center Virtual Classes)
8/2020 – Our Offering (Virtual Play, Streamed via YouTube)
8/2020 – Kinky Boots (Filmed Live in London’s West End, Streamed via BroadwayHD)
10/2020 – Sweeney Todd (Filmed Live on tour, Streamed via BroadwayHD)
10/2020 – Gretchen & the Grudge (Virtual Play, Oh Look Performing Arts Center)
11/2020 – What the Constitution Means to Me (Filmed Live on Broadway, Streamed via Amazon Prime Video)
11/2020 – A Christmas Story Live! (Filmed Live for Television)
11/2020 – Holiday Inn (Filmed Live on Broadway, Streamed via BroadwayHD)
12/2020 – The Grinch Musical (Filmed on stage for TV)
12/2020 – Jagged Little Pill Reunion Concert (Filmed on stage, streamed via ticketed event)
12/2020 – ‘Twas the Night (Radio Play, distributed via The Hamilcast podcast)
12/2020 – In the Bleak Midwinter (Filmed Live at Dallas Theater Center, Streamed via ticketing service)
12/2020 – Estella Scrooge (Virtual Musical, Streamed Via Universe)

I am looking forward to the day when we can gather in the theatre again and experience all of the feelings that come with a live show. But for now, I’m spurred on by the virtual theatre that exists. See you back here, hopefully soon!

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