Trip Recap: NYC

If you read my last post, you know that I recently went to NYC for the NYC Planner Addicts Expo. Of course, for my first post-Covid vaccination trip, I had to do more than just the event. I went with my friend Lynette for a few days before and stayed a few after, taking in old favorites and new experiences in the city. We even got an extra day in NYC due to storms at home and flight cancellations.

Normally I would walk through the trip day by day and share photos and stories, but wordpress is not playing nice with all my HEIC photos and it doesn’t even like them when I converted them to jpeg format. I’m over it! But if you want to see how it all went down, I’m going to link you to a few places for highlights!

Youtube Recap & Trip Memory Keeping

Day 1 Instagram Post

Day 2 Instagram Post

Day 3 Instagram Post

Day 4 Instagram Post

Day 5 Instagram Post

And I’m also sharing a quick photo dump of what wordpress WILL allow me to post. Enjoy!

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